Winter Dog (3 Asst) 5"H, 5.5"H, 6"H Resin

Winter Dog (Set of 6) 5"H, 5.5"H, 6"H Resin

  • $78.00

These holiday items go with any décor, they are a perfect addition to any holiday or Christmas setting. Will retain its beauty for a lifetime

Item # MR80575
Color: Red
Measures: 5 (Red Sweater), 5 (Grey Sweater), 3.5 (No sweater) x 2.5 (Red Sweater), 2 (Grey Sweater), 3 (No sweater) x 5 (Red Sweater), 5.5 (Grey Sweater), 6 (No sweater) Measurement is in inches LxWxH.

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