Farm Animal (3 Asst) 4"L x 4.5"H Resin/Stone Powder

Farm Animal (Set of 3) 4.5"H Resin/Stone Powder

  • $61.25

The whimsical nature of our farm animals add interest and charm to any space. Rotund design gives a new take on traditional figurines. Chalky white finish is distressed to reveal the rich brown undertones.

Item # MR78749

Measures: 4 (Cow), 4 (Pig), 4 (Rooster) x 5.25 (Cow), 5 (Pig), 5.5 (Rooster) x 4.25 (Cow), 4.5 (Pig), 4.5 (Rooster) Measurement is in inches LxWxH.